Sunday, April 21, 2019

Highway routes in Alaska

Alaska’s Highways are generally referred to by their names instead of the route number. Most highways are paved but some are unpaved, such as Denali and Dalton. For current highway conditions, check

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Highway routes to Alaska

Driving to Alaska is the ultimate road trip. Alaska is accessible from anywhere in North America year-round from the paved Alaska Highway. The two main overland routes to Alaska travel through British Columbia and Yukon.

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Alaska_1_shieldSterling Highway
Seward Highway
Glenn Highway
Richardson Highway

Alaska_2_shieldElliott Highway
Richardson Highway
Alaska Highway

Alaska_3_shieldParks Highway

Alaska_4_shieldRichardson Highway

Alaska_5_shieldTaylor Highway
Top of the World Highway

Alaska_6_shieldSteese Highway

Alaska_7_shieldHaines Highway
Glacier Highway
Mitkof Highway
Tongrass Highway

Alaska_8_shieldDenali Highway

Alaska_9_shieldSeward Highway

Alaska_10_shieldCopper River Highway
Edgerton Highway

Alaska_11_shieldDalton Highway

Alaska_98_shieldKlondike Highway