Gas prices can be an important factor when planning an RV trip. While gas prices in Alaska are among the highest in the US (about 45 cents per gallon higher than the national average but still lower than California and Hawaii), the gas taxes are the lowest in the US (29.70 cents per gallon).

These websites can help determine gas prices, both in Alaska and en route to and from Alaska, for your RV trip.

Alaska –

British Columbia –

Yukon  –

If you are not sure how much gas you will need, here is a rough guide:

Class A (40-foot bus style) will get 8-13 mpg or 18- 29 litres/100km

Class C (cab-over) consumes 10-15 mpg or 16-23 litres/100km

Class B (van style) gets about 18-20 mpg or 11-13 litres/100km.


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